Sunday, September 7, 2014

Life as a Theta - As Told by a New Member

College. It's a whole new world.

Making the adjustment from high school to college can be a big step, but we're glad to share some insights from a few of our new members on how their transition is going so far! Mallory Goodson, a freshman from Charlotte, NC, said that the friendliness of her new sisters has really helped her feel welcome in Auburn and she constantly feels assured that one of her Theta sisters would be both willing and able to help her with anything she may need. But not only are the Gamma Omega sisters genuinely passionate about helping one another, they are also always up for a good laugh. Stevie Collins, a freshman from Port Orchard, WA, said that one of the things she loves most about Theta is that everyone is goofy and loves to have fun with one another. If you don't believe them, check out this hilarious video from the sisterhood retreat we recently had at Callaway Gardens (sorry it's a bit blurry!):


Both Mallory and Stevie said that the retreat has been their favorite Theta event so far, but they still have so many to look forward to (Big-Little Reveal is coming up this week!) in their time here at Auburn. Building relationships with their sisters will come naturally to the new members because they are all interested in getting involved in Theta and around campus after seeing only a few weeks of everything that Auburn has to offer. To see what these two ladies and all of their sisters have been up to since school started again, check out the following pictures:

When asked about the best advice someone gave them about coming to college, both Mallory and Stevie said they were at college to study and focus on an education, but we're so glad that they chose to do that alongside their Theta sisters! We are so glad to have them and their entire member class with us now and we are looking forward to seeing them grow and learn as students and women!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Welcome Home Member Class '14!

After a week of waking up early, staying up late and talking to thousands of Potential New Members, the Gamma Omega chapter is proud to present its newest member class! We are so excited to welcome them into the Theta sisterhood and are thrilled to see how their experience in Theta at Auburn shapes them into outstanding young women over the next few years.

In celebration of their arrival, we wanted to share a few photos from the week of recruitment (and of course, the much anticipated Bid Day!) - make sure to share this post with all of your other Theta friends too!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Letter To the Potential New Members

Two years ago I was sitting in your shoes. I had picked out my dresses,
bought new heels, tweezed my eyebrows, and packed up my bedroom to move to
Auburn. I was a nervous wreck about to go through sorority recruitment, and I was
completely clueless. No one in my family was Greek so I did not understand the way
recruitment would work. I just knew what I had heard from friends and seen online.
I remember feeling so scared all week as I saw my party lists grow shorter because I
still had no clue where I wanted to end up. On skit day I walked into all of the parties
on my list and was blown away by the showcase of sisterhood and involvement
each sorority had on display. Each chapter room was full of smiling girls, silly
pictures, and a genuine love for each other. For the first time that week I felt at ease
and like things would work out the way they were supposed to. When I arrived on
preference day and saw my list I was upset because I only had two parties that day,
but my Pi Chi talked me through my tear-fest and reminded me that I would end up
where I belonged. When I opened my bid the next day I knew my Pi Chi was right
and the coolest part was that after that she wasn’t my Pi Chi anymore, she was my
sister! Not only did I gain her as a sister, I gained an entire chapter room full of

That sisterhood has made me who I am today, and I am so happy that I joined a
sorority at Auburn. The cliché saying that you will hear around a million times
during recruitment that “you will end up where you belong” is absolutely true! The
girls I call my sisters are also my therapists, study partners, dinner dates, and most
importantly they are my best friends. College is a scary transition and having a
support system from the beginning made the transition a lot easier for me. Auburn
is a big campus and seeing a familiar face and sharing a smile can make all the
difference. Just a small reminder that I am surrounded by women who really care
about each other can turn my whole day around!

Whenever I accepted the position of New Member Director I was extremely nervous,
but also excited to welcome new members into a sisterhood that I love so much. If
someone had told me two years ago while I was standing in the rain waiting to go
into another Ice Water Tea that I would be serving my sorority as an officer I might
have laughed at them. I never thought I would love something as much as I love my
sorority, and my hope is that you get to experience this same feeling. Recruitment
week is intimidating and stressful but it’s also supposed to be fun! You’ll meet so
many girls and learn a lot about yourself. So if you’re feeling nervous here is my
advice: go into the week with an open mind and learn all you can about the 17
wonderful sororities. Each one has so much to offer and I promise you will find
where you fit. Just be yourself and it will all fall into place. Talk to your Pi Chi and
tell her how you are feeling, it is what she is there for! If you start each day with a
positive attitude and know you are one step closer to Bid Day then recruitment will
be so much easier and you’ll enjoy the week.

Going Greek was one of the best decisions I have made since being at Auburn and I
wear my letters proudly. During the next two weeks you’ll be making a big decision
and one that will change your life! So toss your umbrella and hairspray into a tote
bag and get ready for an amazing ride. War Eagle, good luck, and I will see you all
next week!

Presley Townsend
Kappa Alpha Theta
New Member Director

Friday, April 4, 2014

March Madness

With March over, there's only one more month of classes here in Auburn this semester - but the Gamma Omegas haven't wasted a moment of time and have been bonding together more than ever! From Spring Break to formal and more, we've been quite busy spending some quality time with one another!

Spring Break took sisters all over the country, and a few even around the world, but we're so glad to have everyone back safe and sound in Auburn! Check out some of the great photos from trips here:

But Spring Break isn't the only thing that we want to share with y'all, we've got formal pictures too! We had a wonderful time at the Del'avant Event Center in Lagrange thanks to all the hard work and planning of our Event Director, Georgia Fabbrini! Dinner and dancing, photos and socializing, we did it all! See our beautiful sisters decked out here:

And although the semester may be coming close to an end, we still have plenty of memories to make! Be sure to check back and see what else the Gamma Omegas have planned for the year!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sisterhood Retreat

Sisterhood is one of the most valuable aspects of being a member of Theta, and to help strengthen the love we have for one another many of the sisters participated in a sisterhood retreat at Camp ASCCA. Throughout the day we split into small groups and participated in team building activities and played various games. Everything from rope swings to giant logs and imaginary lava were involved in the day's activities.

Check out some of the action here:

After a long day and lots of bonding, I think it's safe to say the Gamma Omega Chapter is much closer than they were before the day spent at camp! New friendships were made, old ones were strengthened and everyone benefited.

“Sisterhood is the essence of the wisdom of all the ages distilled into a single word. You cannot see it; neither can you hear it or taste it. But you can feel it a hundred times a day. It is a pat on the back, a smile of encouragement. It’s someone to share with, to celebrate your achievements.”

Monday, February 17, 2014

Introducing Our Greek Sing Chair:

Meet Emileigh Sanger! She's a sophomore (shout out to New Member Class 2012!) majoring in apparel merchandising and minoring in business. When she grows up, she wants to take over as the editor-in-chief of Lucky Magazine - so watch out, Eva Chen! Until then, she spends her time dancing, reading, not cleaning her room, attempting to bring home fluffy animals and shopping excessively.

For 16 glorious years, this girl has been dancing her heart out - and let me just tell you, SHE'S AMAZING. When asked what her favorite style of dance was, she replied with, "I don't have a favorite style of dance, rather, what I love is powerful music. If I'm inspired by it, it can be classical ballet or some get-low-n-dirty hip hop. I'll enjoy it just the same." Wow, right?

Want to learn more about this stellar Theta? Check out these fun facts she shared with us:
     1. My home is a mere 2,770 miles away, just outside the rainy city of Seattle.
     2. My older sister Sarah (by blood, but also an in-house Theta alum) made me petrified of the Titanic, so don't show me pictures because I cannot guarantee your safety.
     3. I thoroughly enjoy consuming despicable amounts of peanut butter from the jar with a spoon (another fun fact: my co-conspirator is my fellow Theta sister Ashlynne Watts).

"I'm most excited about coming in like a dark horse," Emileigh says (cue the Katy Perry music). "I'm looking forward to surprising people with what we bring to the competition. Unique concept, choreography, music, props and costumes makes for a great show." Greek Sing will be held on April 10 at 7:00 pm in the Auburn Arena and is open to the public, so if you have the chance to come see the incredible choreography and performance that Emileigh has put together it's worth your time!

Monday, February 3, 2014

We've Been Busy!!

With the semester in full swing, the Gamma Omegas have been BUSY with no intentions of slowing down soon! In the past week alone, we've had three days of cancelled class for snow (which lead to tons of cute pictures in the snow!) and celebrated Founders' Day!

And on behalf of the entire chapter, we would like to thank our wonderful alumnae who came to the Hotel at Auburn University to celebrate Founders' Day with us! We are so thankful for what you've done for the chapter and wouldn't be where we are today without you!

But that's not all! Several of our sisters also participated in the third Auburn University Dance Marathon this weekend! This 12-hour fundraiser benefits Children's Miracle Network and requires all participants to stay on their feet for 12 hours straight! They dance, play games and much more - and it's all FOR THE KIDS!