Wednesday, May 11, 2016

It's the End of the Year as We Know It

Well everyone, we did it! We survived finals and all of the chaos and sleep deprivation that accompany them and now we are done! (Well, for most of us not completely done.) But we certainly could not have gotten through this month without a little fun mixed in with all of the work and studying. 

A group of our more rhythmically-inclined ladies *high* kicked this month off with their extraordinary performance at this year's Greek Sing. The theme of our dance this year was "Refinery," a statement about the place of women in society. This powerful theme translated to stunning choreography, which was executed beautifully by our talented Greek Sing performers. 


We are so proud of these talented ladies!!

Megan Schilling and Shivani Chandra are all smiles after delivering an amazing performance

Seniors Nicole Daly, Emily Sanger (Greek Sing Chair), and Darian Crowley looking radiant and refined for their last Greek Sing appearance

Also this month, we had our Loggers and Joggers social with Theta Xi, Kappa Sig, and Delta Chi. It was a great night with all the Lululemon and lumberjacks a person could ever dream of. 

It's really a win-win when you have to choose between a cozy flannel or comfy norts.

Danielle Lee and Natalie Reifler proving that Theta girls run the world

Allie Dickson and Katherine Winkle ready to socialize!

Our philanthropy event, Theta Twist, also took place this month. Thanks to our Marketing Team, this year's event was the best yet! A huge thank you to the men of Phi Sig for letting us use their house, and to everyone who came and/or donated. While unlimited pretzels and Trotline Acoustic were pretty spectacular, the best part of Theta Twist was definitely knowing that it was all for a great cause. We hold our philanthropy, CASA, near and dear to our hearts. Making a difference in the lives of these children is one of the many things that makes being a Theta so fulfilling. 

Becca Broussard and Emily Nagle cooking up some pretzels!

Good pretzels, great cause

Pretzels and Trotline Acoustic is definitely something to smile about 

Chandler Pyron and Bailey Freeman showing off their pretzel creation

The end of the year is both a fun time and bittersweet time as we say goodbye to our awesome seniors. Before they left, we had a Senior Photoshoot (photographed by the extremely talented Sydney Young) and a senior chapter. At Senior Chapter, PC12 got to share some of their favorite memories and "will" prized possessions to younger members. This group has left a tremendous impact on our chapter. Girls, we are so proud of you and we can't wait to see what great things you will accomplish in life!

Our Seniors looking personally excellent for Senior Chapter

Having fun after Senior Chapter

We will miss you Seniors!

It has been a great year for our Gamma Omega ladies, and we are looking forward to a relaxing, fun summer break! Make sure to keep up with us on social media throughout the summer using our hashtags #goinggold and #‎whereinthewθrldwenesday‬ to see what fun adventures this break has in store for us! 


Lindsey Jinright

Friday, April 15, 2016

March Madness

Happy April everyone! 

Sorry for the late post, but the title explains it all--March has been KAΘtic. If you have been following our Facebook page, you've probably seen announcement upon announcement of our girls getting involved all over campus! Here is a list of who got what:

-Brandie McLain, Athletic Recruiter
-Shaby Hakemy, Alternative Student Breaks Site Leader
-Bailey Freeman, Angie Ebosele, and Grace Leonardi, AUDM Morale Staff
-Katie Anderson, Auburn Water Polo Team Vice President
-Brittany Fowler, Auburn Mentoring Program Executive Board
-Sally Outlaw, Beat Bama Food Drive Director of Committee
-Allie Dickson, AUDM Assistant Director of Morale
-Parker Cutler, AUDM Director of Events
-Kathryn Winkle, AUDM Director of Design

Congrats to these awesome ladies on their new positions! We are so proud of y'all and the impact that all of you are making in the Auburn community!

While so many of our leading women are making a big difference here in Auburn, we also have one sister who was selected by Kappa Alpha Theta's headquarters to become an Executive Leadership Consultant (ELC). Presley Townsend, we are so proud of you! 


ELC Presley Townsend at Theta Headquarters

These girls are not the only Thetas making a difference this month. On March 5th, our sisters went out to serve the Auburn community as part of Auburn University's Big Event, a day-long community service project. Our girls went to a house where they raked and bagged leaves, power washed the porch, and picked up limbs and trash around the house.

Hannah Hicks, Jordan Orris, Erin VanMeter, MaryGrace Patterson, Sarah Granger, Ashley Chapman, Sam Gunn, and Mariah Copp serving the Auburn community

Aubie loves Theta and service! (Pictured: Erica Dempsey, Laura Shaw, Becca Broussard, Aubie, Haylee Singleton, Julia Maynard, Shelby Potter, and Megan White

Our Thetas not only worked hard this semester, they played hard as well. Earlier in the month, we had a Laser Tag sisterhood event. Crazy as it sounds, shooting your sisters with laser guns actually brings everyone closer. 


           Natalie Reifler, Brandie McLain, and Lauren Kistler preparing for battle


        Meredith Gray, Natalie Reifler, Allie Dickson, and Kathryn Winkle are armed and dangerous


           Huge thanks to Cyber Zone for having us! We had a great time!

March also brought about something that only comes around every four years--Black and Gold Ball! Brigid Kane, COO, and Bailey Freeman, Events Director, did an amazing job of putting together the best Black and Gold ever! We had a swanky venue (Capital City Club of Montgomery), great food (mashed potato bar...always a winner), and everyone was dressed to impress.


Darby Hayes, Lyric Peete, Ericka Harless, Caroline Wilcox, Sydney Young, Ciara Morgan, Brittany Halloran, and Evie Kaestner showing some Theta love

     Julie Sarasua, Emily Nagle, Grace Leonardi, and Abby Parker looking absolutely radiant. 
 A rare, normal photo of Sarah Johrde, Allie Woodward, Lindsey Jinright, and Kat Slyter.

Between all the studying, serving, shooting (laser tag guns, that is), and swankiness, our girls certainly merited a break. Spring Break came just in time this year, allowing these ladies to unwind and recharge for the last month of school. Our Thetas were everywhere--the beach, the Grand Canyon, even international! Spring Break was fun, but we are glad to have everyone back home on the Plains!

Shaby Hakemy (far right) on a service trip with Alternative Student Breaks in the Dominican Republic

Bailey Freeman on a mission trip to Mexico

As if Abby Parker wasn't already bubbly enough!

March was a great month for our Gamma Omega ladies. Only one more month of school left for us, but we are ready! Stay tuned to see what the rest of the year holds for us!


Lindsey Jinright 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

#authetathursday Leading Lady: Abby Parker

Happy #AUThetaThursday! 

This weeks Leading Lady is Abby Parker. Abby is from Franklin, TN and is double majoring in Journalism and Spanish!

Abby is involved in a lot on campus, but she is the Chief Administrative Officer for Theta! Abby is involved with Auburn University Dance Marathon and Beat Bama Food Drive!

Fun Facts About Abby:

Favorite Dessert: I really love crème brûlée
and ice cream!
Celebrity Crush: Chris Pratt (I asked him to 
formal on Twitter but he didn’t respond)
One Thing She Could Not Live Without:
As cheesy as it sounds, I could not live without
my family! I always miss them when I’m at school,
but luckily I’ve made some pretty great friends 
who help make Auburn feel even more like home!

Abby's most embarrassing moment at Auburn actually happened a couple of weeks ago when she broke the waffle machine at Village Dining. My roommate Emily and I were trying to make waffles but the batter wouldn’t come out, so I tried to fix it and ended up making all the batter spill! The workers were not happy (but Emily and I were because we got waffles anyway)

Abby's favorite thing about Theta is how much it encourages each member to grow. When I first started college, I was so shy and unsure of myself, but joining Theta introduced me to an entire chapter of girls who love me and believe in me even when I have my doubts. If you had told me a year ago that I would have the confidence to speak in chapter each week, I would have thought you were crazy!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Month in Review: February 2016

Happy #AUThetaThursday!

This month in the Gamma Omega chapter, it has been all about sisterhood and service! We rolled into February at our Roller Skating Sisterhood Event. If you've ever heard anyone say that your sisters will help you up when you fall, this event definitely proved that to be true...on multiple occasions.
Skating is hard for some of us, including Ashley Chapman. Good thing Mallory Goodson and Mariah Copp were there to prevent what looks like a wipeout in the making!

Blair Hopwood, Allie Dickson, Addie Wolfe, and Kathryn Winkle show off some examples of proper skate style. Well done, ladies. The fanny packs really complete the look.

Ashley McCullough, Shaby Hakemy, and Emily Howell's skating skills are not too shaby!
(Sorry I stole your pun from a while back, Shaby. It was too good to pass up.)

Also this month, Auburn University hosted it's 5th annual AUDM benefiting Children's Miracle Network. AUDM is a 14 hour long event filled with speakers (including our precious Miracle Kids) and lots of standing/dancing/fun. Our Thetas were there, both as participants and as staff members. Our chapter initially set a $6,000 fundraising goal, but we surpassed it tremendously with a final total of $10,690! We would like to thank everyone who donated to this cause, both through our chapter and through the university in general. With your support, AUDM reached the goal of raising $1,000,000 in 5 years! It is truly astounding how many lives can be positively impacted when we all come together for such an amazing cause! 

We are super proud of Emily Nagle and Parker Cutler! Emily was our team leader and Parker was the Director of Entertainment for the event. 

We are also super proud of Allie Dickson, who served on the Morale Team for AUDM. Here she is showing some love to one of our Miracle Kids. 

AUDM isn't the only cause that our Leading Women embraced this month. Our exec took the initiative to become Green Dot Certified. Green Dot is a movement that seeks to end acts of power-based violence through peer and bystander intervention. Following exec's certification, a representative came to our chapter and gave us all a basic training presentation. We are proud to be the first Greek organization on campus to have our exec certified and our chapter trained in the Green Dot Program. 

Our exec officers pose with our new Green Dot! This dot is on display in our chapter room now to let people know that our exec is certified and ready to help make a difference!

I know it seems already like we have had quite an exciting month, but in the words of Billy Mays, "Wait! There's more!!" That's right, we have one more very extremely exciting thing that has happened in our chapter this month! Probably the most exciting thing that February brought for us is....FOUR NEW MEMBERS!!!! We are so pumped to welcome Holly Woodward, Theresa Griffin, Sydney Young, and Catie Beth Varian to the Gamma Omega Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta! Girls, we are so excited and honored that you all thought Theta! We love you so much already!  
To celebrate our newest additions to the chapter, we had Spirited Art come to our chapter room, where they taught us all how to paint our mascot, the kite! We had so much fun painting, hanging out, and meeting our fabulous new members!

Our awesome new members, Holly Woodward, Sydney Young, Catie Beth Varian, and Theresa Griffin! 

Shoutout to ERB for doing such a great job with getting us some excellent new members!

Jessi James, Alexandra Lohff, Devon McAllister, and Cora Smith show off their paintings.

Kat Slyter and Lindsey Jinright with their kites.

February was certainly a great month for our Auburn Thetas! I can't wait to see what March brings for us! Black and Gold? Big Event? You'll have to stay tuned to see what exciting things the Gamma Omega chapter has in store!


Lindsey Jinright