Thursday, October 8, 2015

Leading Woman: Amanda Nichols

This week our Leading Woman is Amanda Nichols! Amanda is a Senior, majoring in Communication Disorders and minoring in Human Development and Family Studies from Birmingham, AL.

Amanda is a Desk Worker at Study Partners in the library and she volunteers with the Lee County Autism Resource and Advocacy, where she provides childcare for children with autism and is on the organization's Junior Advisory Board.
When asked what her favorite part of being in Theta has been, Amanda said she loved recruitment! "You either love it or you hate it. Sure, you get no sleep, but it's in those delirious moments that you make the best memories. It's a week of really getting to know girls that you may have only known their name beforehand. It makes us closer as a whole, while also getting to show off what we love about Theta."

Facts About Amanda

Celebrity Crush: Brett Eldredge
Favorite Dessert: Cheesecake
Favorite Auburn Tradition:
Tiger Walk
Advice to your Freshman Self:
"Say yes (to most things)
(within reason)! You're only a freshman once, so make the most of it and don't take it for granted. Go to all the free events, grab all the free t-shirts, stay up late watching movies in your dorm room with your friends from down the hall. You can sleep in a few years."
Fun Fact: "I was in a commercial for a local drugstore when I was a baby!"

Most Embarrassing Moment: "The most recent one happened just a couple weeks ago...I was in a training session for Study Partners and as we broke off into groups to work on a team building exercise, I blew air back into my Capri Sun pouch so that it would stand up on its own, and apparently there was still some juice in the bottom because it exploded in my face and I sat there wiping juice off my face while everyone stared."

We asked what Theta means to her and she said, "Theta means never having to be alone. Coming to college can be difficult because there are so many people and you fear getting lost in the crowd, but knowing that you have a home in Theta makes it seem smaller and less terrifying. Plus, you always have someone to eat lunch with on campus!"

Happy #AUThetaThursday!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Leading Woman: Liz Morris

This week our Leading Woman is President Liz Morris! Liz is a Senior, majoring in Biomedical Sciences, Pre-PA, from Knoxville, TN.
Liz is involved in a lot here at Auburn, here are some to note: Member of the Honors College, member of several honor societies such as Cardinal Key, Lambda Sigma, Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, and Phi Kappa Phi. She also served as a 2014 Camp War Eagle Parent Counselor, City of Auburn Recreational Soccer head coach, Camp Smile-A-Mile volunteer, and has served in Theta as Historian, Chief Recruiting Officer, and Chief Executive Officer in Theta!

Fast Facts About Liz
Celebrity Crush:
"Too hard, so many"
Favorite Dessert: "Literally any
and all sweets"
Favorite Auburn Tradition:
Rolling Toomer's
Random Fact:
"My top lip was bit off by a dog when I was 2. Also I drink 6 cups of coffee every day."

We asked about her most embarrassing moment and Liz told us about the story of her first day at Auburn, saying "The first day I moved to Auburn, I was walking around campus with my parents trying to get the lay of the land. I was looking for the gym (at the time it was the old Student Act) and somehow stumbled into the inside of the football facility. So this football player walked up to me and my parents and was like "Hey, can I help you?" I asked him where the weight room was and he pointed me in the direction of what I did not know was THEIR weight room. So I started walking over and only when I saw actual players practicing did I realize I was clearly not in the right place."

She said her favorite memory in Theta was "The weeks I lived in the chapter room and got to have One Tree Hill binge sessions all day every day with Jordan and Darian on the big projector."

We asked Liz "If you could go back and give your freshman self any piece of advice what would it be?" and she said: "Try to get heavily involved with one or two organizations you are very passionate about as opposed to barely being involved with a lot, and don't do anything you aren't 100% committed to."

Happy #AUThetaThursday!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Leading Woman: Bailey Britton

This week our Leading Woman is Bailey Britton! Bailey is a Junior, majoring in Animal Science Management and Production from Madera, CA. She is a proud member of Auburn's Danceline, a member of Block and Bridle, and helped start the club Tiger Strut Dance Company!
Bailey said that her favorite memory of Theta goes way back to her very first week at the new member retreat. She said that not only did she get to meet a ton of her sisters but she was introduced to her now best friend all while watching the best movie ever, Pitch Perfect!

A random fact about Bailey is that she works at the University's Swine Research Unit. "So every time you eat pork on our campus, just know that I helped raise that delicious meat that you're eating!"

Facts about Bailey:

Most Embarrassing Moment: "My most embarrassing moment has occurred during band practice for sure. We set for our new show and for some reason, my brain reverted back to one of our old routines. I danced the entirely wrong routine for a solid 16 counts before I realized I wasn't doing what everyone else was doing. By some miracle, Dr. Spurlin (the band director) didn't see me!"

Celebrity Crush: "Blake Lively, for sure!"
Favorite Dessert: "Cookies are always a solid choice, but I would eat any dessert at any time of the day!"
Favorite Auburn Tradition: "AUMB pregame, running out of that tunnel and onto the field is the biggest rush anyone could possibly imagine."

If you could go back and give your freshman self any piece of advice what would it be?: "Be open and be outgoing! Talk to as many people as you can, make as many friends as you can. It'll be the little memories that you remember forever!"

We asked Bailey what Theta means to her and she said, "Theta means so much to so many different people. But to me, Theta is the family that I got to choose. They were my very first friends at Auburn, my family away from home. Late night study sessions, breakfasts before our 8 ams together, pumpkin carvings, dinner dates and everything else in between. I wouldn't change it for the world!"

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Leading Woman: Susie Pratt

This week our Leading Woman is Susie Pratt!! Susie is a Senior, majoring in Communication Disorders from Norcross, GA. Susie has spent many hours of her college career serving the community! She has been involved with IMPACT as a project coordinator, a Peer Instructor, a member of the Auburn Mentoring Program, and the National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association.

Susie said one of her favorite things she has been involved with in Theta is volunteering with Fitness Club at Pick Elementary. She has been able to be part of this program for the past 3 years, giving her a lot of time to interact with the kids. Last year, they surprised her by singing Happy Birthday, and it made her day one she wouldn't forget. 

Fast Facts about Susie:
Favorite Dessert: Ice cream
Most Embarrassing moment: “I’d tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.”
Celebrity Crush: Tim Riggins
Random Fact: I recently got Netflix and would love some suggestions on what to watch. 

If she could go back and give her “Freshman self” any advice it would be to:
Go to away games
Eat more Chilis before it closes 
Find a way to make the next four years slow down 

When asked what Theta means to her, Susie said “Theta helped me start off my Auburn experience. Getting involved helped me dive right in and surround myself with people that I now can't imagine life without. The friends I have made here have given me the confidence and support to stretch my boundaries while at Auburn; they have encouraged me to be a better person while also fully accepting my weird self; and most importantly, they have helped create the memories I have made over the years, showing how this place has become my home.”

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Leading Woman: Jordan Norris

It’s time to start a new blog series called Theta Thursday!! Each Thursday we will highlight one of our members and how they are exemplifying our motto “Leading Women” on campus and in the community!!

This week our Leading Woman is Jordan Norris!! Jordan a Junior from Chattanooga, TN, and is our Chief Recruiting Officer and her biggest and most recent accomplishment was recruiting an incredible new Member Class after an awesome week of recruitment. Outside of Theta, Jordan also serves as the President of the Taekwondo Club, and she is a second degree black belt!

Her favorite memory from Theta of course involves recruitment! She said that truly her favorite memories come from the all nighters she and the Recruitment team pulled all week long. They chugged caffeine and made lasting memories she wouldn't trade for the world. 

Her most embarrassing moment comes from her freshman year when she slipped and busted it in a giant mud pit in front of some friends. (They also have a video on their phones so you can always ask her for proof!)

Here’s some more fast facts about Jordan:
Favorite Food: Hawaiian pizza and cheese bread
Celebrity Crush: Chris Prat
Major: Exercise Science (Pre-Med)
Favorite Auburn Tradition: Eagle flying at football games
Favorite Dessert: Cookies and cream ice cream
Advice you would give to your freshman self: Go out of your comfort zone. It's where you find out a lot about yourself and where you find your best friends 

When asked what Theta means to her Jordan said, “Theta means family. I've always been supported and lifted up through everything I've wanted to do. I made my best friends here. From helping serve for recruitment or wearing sombreros, these girls have always been there for me.”

Friday, May 1, 2015

Relay For Life: Jungle KATs

Last Saturday, several of our members had the opportunity to participate in Relay For Life here at Auburn University. Relay for Life is an twelve hour fundraising event to celebrate those who fought cancer, mourn those who lost their battles, and be inspired by the stories of survivors. At Relay you will be sure to find hope, healing, and inspiration, not just from Auburn Students, but also from the community. It is a unique twelve hour opportunity to share with the community stories of hope and raise money for cancer research. 

Overall, Relay For Life at Auburn University raised over $72,000 for cancer research and the Theta team was able to raise $6,636.00 of that! Our hard work at fundraising placed us 3rd out of 66 teams! And while our team may have had only 33 members, the whole chapter was involved in buying t-shirts, donating money, or stopping by the day of to cheer on the team. 

Our fearless team captain, Evie!

This year our team "The Jungle KATs" was led by Evie Kaestner, a freshman studying Industrial Design. She desires to live to see a cure for cancer and because of this she loves Relay for Life. Evie said that "at the end of the night there were a lot of mixed emotions. I felt a ton of pride for my sisters for collectively raising so much for the American Cancer Society. I also felt grief for the people we as a community have lost due to cancer. But on top of that I felt hopeful for a future that would have a cure for cancer."

At the end of the night the Jungle KATs were awarded the Greek Cup, given to the Greek team with the most money raised, Spirit of Relay Award, and Evie Kaestner won the Individual Spirit of Relay Award. 

We are so proud of our Jungle KATs and all their hard work and dedication to such a worthy cause!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Theta Twist

As Thetas we are proud to support Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), our national philanthropy. Here in the United States many children are victims of abuse or neglect and lack a chance to speak up for themselves. CASA volunteers advocate on behalf of these children and give them a chance for a better life. CASA’s mission is to “support and promote court-appointed volunteer advocacy so that every abused and neglected child can be safe, establish permanence and have the opportunity to thrive”. (more information can be found here:
            Because of our love for Theta's philanthropy, it was our honor to host Theta Twist on April 9th to raise money and awareness for all that CASA does. Theta Twist benefits our local CASA branch right here in Lee County. We sold soft pretzels in our chapter room and listened to the Wes Loper band. Through the hard work of our Philanthropy Chair Courtney Randle, the philanthropy committees, and the chapter, we were able to raise over $3,000. 

Courtney Randle, left, with Catherine Taylor, right
            Courtney worked hard for months to put Theta Twist together and said that on the night of the event she was “overwhelmed by all of the support from Auburn students from across campus. It was amazing to see everything that we worked so hard to plan come together so seamlessly.” The night wouldn’t have been a success without CASA and their volunteers. Courtney interned with Lee County CASA last semester and says that she loves CASA because "the volunteers have the unique opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of kids. The kids they work with are the most disadvantaged and are in need of someone who really cares about them and CASA is able to fill that gap.”

At the end of the day, Theta is for the child. Get pumped for Theta Twist 2016!

Wes Loper Band

Reese Coombs and Bailey Freeman (MC '14)